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Ep. #54 | UFO's, Teleportation, and Quantum Physics: What Really Happened to MH370 with Ashton Forbes
Episode 5413th November 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 54, Marc welcomes in citizen journalist Ashton Forbes to break down the mysterious video that he and many others believe shows the fate of Malaysian Flight 370, which disappeared mysteriously nearly a decade ago. Ashton breaks down several versions of this video, why he believes it to be real, and what on God's green Earth it is demonstrating to us. What are the implications for what we know about science and how the universe operates? Ashton lays out his entire theory behind what he believes really happened to this flight, as demonstrated by the video.

In the Smoke-Filled Room bonus segment for MCS premium subscribers, Marc and Ashton dig deeper into the spiritual implications of what is being shown in the video and how it has contributed to the rapid shift of Ashton's perspective to that of a firm believer in a creator. Ashton and Marc further explore the science shown in the videos, why he believes it to be operated by human-created AI, and who he believes to be the true identity of the leaker of the video.

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