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Trust God & Chill: You Can’t Build a Successful Business Without These 3 Things
Episode 48626th May 2022 • Real Estate Business Builders • Real Estate B-School
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In my recent conversation with Erik Hatch, one point in particular stood out to me - his emphasis on having a strong personal foundation. Before we think of our teams and our clients, our relationships with God, our families and ourselves come first. Without them, we can’t show up effectively as leaders.

With everything happening in our world and our businesses, it’s so easy to be fearful, but if we believe in something bigger than ourselves, we have the tools we need to get through it.

How do we evaluate our emotional states and move toward faith if we feel fearful? In this episode, I’m going to share why faith in something bigger makes us better team leaders.

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to break out of the fear, uncertainty, distraction our industry peddles to us
  • The triangle we need to get dialed in to thrive as business owners 
  • How to measure our fear and work toward faith

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