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Branch 251 - 75 Podcasts EPISODE 7, 12th June 2020
Syrian Witnesses Speak
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Syrian Witnesses Speak

Last week in court was special: Syrian survivors spoke as witnesses for the first time. One of them, Feras Fayyad tells us about his experience testifying in court and opening up about being sexually violated at Branch 251. We talk to two experts who tell us more about sexual violence in international cases and how the Syrian regime has used it as a weapon of war against its own people. Also on the episode: Anwar al Bunni's moment in court that he has been waiting for for so long. He testified as an expert witness and had a lot to say to the judges.

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Some additional sources on this episode and the trial here:

More on our guest Feras Fayyad:

Our guest Alexandra Lily Kather shared these resources with us for further reading:

The announcement we mentioned on the podcast: https://www.ecchr.eu/nc/en/press-release/press-conference-germanys-role-in-the-investigation-and-prosecution-of-sexual-and-gender-based-violence-in-syria/

Our guest Anne Bernard of the New York Times shared these articles with us for further reading:

More on the 'Cesar' Photos:

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