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Staffing an All-Star Team with Danielle Mulvey
Episode 444th January 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“Never settle. The five star candidate is out there. Never settle for less than five star,” shares Danielle Mulvey, chief curator of The ALL IN Company. Danielle is a flight attendant turned entrepreneur whose 25 years of entrepreneurial experience has led her to cracking the code on hiring and retaining the best employees. She has created The 5 Star Employee Rating System which is a checklist and system that ensures employers are consistently hiring 5 star employees. Today, Danielle joins host Kiley Peters to talk about how to staff an all-star team.

A five-star employee is an employee who is in the top 15% of available talent for a specific position. It is a role-specific classification, because someone may be a five-star employee in one position and a two-star employee in another. Statistically, one out of every seven candidates is a potential five-star employee, which means you need to cast a wide net and have a large candidate pool in order to catch multiple five-star candidates. The system boils down to a checklist of 5 criteria for determining a candidate’s star rating. These criteria are alignment with core values, analyzing the 11 universal qualities of a five-star employee, checking aptitudes and skills, running success metrics, and return on payroll. By using this checklist, you can make sure you are hiring the right person for every position.

Staffing an all-star team requires a detailed recruitment process. It is important to automate as much of this as you can, so that you are not wasting your time interviewing lower star candidates. By filtering out the employees who are not the best fit, you will have a better chance of consistently recruiting five star candidates. There are plenty of incredible candidates out there, so never settle for less than five stars. 


  • “You want to have the job boiled down to three to five key responsibilities. And then for those three to five key responsibilities, you want to have success metrics. You want to quantify what success looks like for those key responsibilities.” (13:31-13:47 | Danielle)
  • “You want to make sure that the individual is producing a 3x minimum return on their payroll or their salary. So if you're paying someone $50,000 a year, they should be producing $150,000 In impact on the revenue sales of the company.” (15:06-15:22 | Danielle)
  • “Despite what the media is saying, there are plenty of great candidates out there.” (23:26-23:31 | Danielle) 
  • “Never settle. The five star candidate is out there. Never settle for less than five star.” (30:20-30:28 | Danielle)


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