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How to run a successful online summit with Krista Miller
Episode 18910th May 2021 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Krista Miller who runs Summit in a Box. We talk all about online summits including the power of them, how to run a successful one and some things to avoid!


  • A virtual summit is just like an in-person conference, but it is done online. There is usually different speakers and sessions you can join and learn about different topics.
  • You want to give people who attend a transformation and information to take away.
  • Community is really important – Facebook groups work well for this.
  • Love on your attendees and speakers.
  • Virtual summits are great for launching your course, membership, product or service.
  • Virtual summits can make an impact, no matter what the size of your business.
  • It is not essential to have the huge influencers and names in your virtual summit – there should not be any minimum requirements in terms of email lists and social media following.
  • Think about what you want your attendees to get out of your summit and what topics will be covered.
  • Avoid just asking your besties to speak at your virtual summit.
  • Influencers are not that helpful! They will do the bare minimum. Their audience will not hear a peep about your summit – Don’t stress about getting these big names.
  • Look for people with the same audience as your summit and get specific on who you are helping.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your speakers!
  • If you can’t pay your speakers, give them a good affiliate deal – at least 40%.
  • If you already sell something or have your own website already – you do not need to invest in a really expensive system to do your virtual summit!
  • Adult brains only concentrate for around 17 minutes before they get distracted so aim for 15-20 minute presentations for your summit.
  • Niche down for your summit and choose a topic that will create a transformation for them.
  • When you know exactly who you are talking to and what you are going to help them achieve, it will be all-round easier to promote and get people to sign up.
  • Speakers are the biggest thing for the promotion of your virtual summit.
  • Give your audience a transformation they are going to care about and won’t want to miss the sessions about.
  • The end goal of the thing you should sell should match up with the end goal of your virtual summit.
  • Mention your offer throughout your summit in a natural way and make it clear there will be an offer at the end.
  • Have your super fans as part of your summit.
  • Give yourself 90 days to set up your virtual summit.
  • Follow the process and do the steps!




Get specific with your summit audience and topic – this is more attention-grabbing and will add more value to your audience making them want to be a part of it!




  • An introduction to Krista 05:36
  • What is a virtual summit? 10:25
  • How to make money by hosting a virtual summit 12:13
  • Getting speakers/guests for your virtual summit 14:26
  • What do you need for a virtual summit? 23:47
  • Marketing your virtual summit 25:47
  • Making your virtual summit stand out 32:01
  • How to sell at virtual summits 39:40
  • How long does it take to organise a virtual summit? 48:08








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