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Podcasting and Summits
Episode 334th March 2022 • Virtual Summit Success • Jenn
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In case you haven't heard, podcasts and summits are a perfect pair, whether you're a host or a speaker. There's so many ways that you can work summits and podcasting together! I'm sharing one of the biggest benefits of pairing your summit hosting or speaking with your own podcast. What do you think of summits + podcasting? I'd love to hear from you, so shoot me a DM on Instagram @virtualsummitsearch!

Want to learn about VIP Days and how you can use them alongside your summit speaking strategy? Join me at the Done in a Day Virtual Conference March 7-8! We'll be talking about how to build a winning VIP Day AND how to market and sell your VIP Days. On March 9, I'll also be hosting an after-party session to help you craft your signature talk to sell more VIP Days.

Bonus: You'll get $10 off the regular ticket price when you use my affiliate link - DID Conference Mar '22

See you there!

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