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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 34, 8th October 2020
How to Review Your Client Journey
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How to Review Your Client Journey

The way we work and market ourselves has dramatically changed this year. It’s time to review your client journey and understand where you’re missing steps and where you need to focus your communication.

Your client journey is simply the route they take from discovering you, to working with you. Once you start seeing clients, they already follow a path whether you realise it or not. Having clarity over this will help you focus your marketing efforts.

Podcast 34 show notes:

  • (01:06) What is the client journey?
  • (01:44) Sales funnel
  • (02:16) Flywheel
  • (02:56) Map out your client journey
  • (03:33) The steps of your clients' journey
  • (04:24) Marketing to attract new clients
  • (05:19) Engaging with prospective clients
  • (06:54) Delighting clients
  • (08:19) Reflect on your client journey

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