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Staying Consistent as a One-Man Band with Warwick Brown
Episode 73rd September 2020 • Behind The Membership with Callie Willows • The Membership Guys
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On this episode Callie is talking with Warwick Brown who runs the KAM Club, a membership site for key account managers which has been running for about nine months. 

In this episode, hear all about how Warwick came to start the KAM Club and how he utilised existing resources, like his blog content, to get him started much quicker - although he still put off launching the membership for a long time!

Warwick also talks about the challenge of consistency, particularly when it comes to content creation, and how finding a way to link his free and paid content together has made his life so much easier. And we talk about finding enough time to do everything when running a membership site solo, how Warwick provides a lot of personal support in his membership site, from 30-minute welcome calls, to personal videos and check-in messages, despite it being low cost. And how, despite quitting his high salary job, and not yet making the same amount with his membership, he couldn't be happier. 

Plus, of course, much, much more!