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FM #589 - The DPW Water Series 07/15/21 - P2 of 3
Episode 58924th August 2021 • Franklin Matters Radio • Steve Sherlock
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This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Doug Martin, Franklin’s Water and Sewer Superintendent and Jake Standly, the Assistant Water/Sewer Superintendent . 

We had our conversation in the Franklin Public Radio studios on Hutchinson St. This is the second of three in the series exploring the status and operations of the Franklin’s Water Dept. 

Part 2 - approx. 38 minutes

  • Permit process 20 years, midway through this one
  • Overall water usage per capita for Franklin is among the best in the state (~45-49gpp vs ~65gpp)
  • Unaccounted for water and meter standards, Franklin is a model community for this
  • Infiltration annual testing uses a “stethoscope for the road”
  • Town owns from the water main to the curb stop (water service shut off from street); Town also owns the meter
  • Meter read via radio today, may eventually get to an automatic send to a data collector; used to take 2 guys a month to read, now it takes one only a week to read the meters
  • WaterSmart system data based upon readings monthly; billing readings are monthly
  • Rebates available for high efficiency water use appliances
  • Annual Water report - highlights by section
  • Reference to working without the incredible asset of Dave Allard, now retired; 4 hours of a brain dump didn’t catch it all but he still answers the phone when they call
  • Key items explained, testing process, negligible results are shown for 20 or so items, another 100+ are tested with no findings, PFAS testing added per state DEP regs
  • Difference between water testing done by Town vs. Water bottles available in retail (FDA vs. DEP/EPA regulations)
  • Thanks to the 61 residents for participating in the lead and copper special testing required (lead goose necks)
  • WaterSmart website, Individual usage can be monitored, Leak detection service

The show notes include links to the Franklin Water Dept. page and other references.

Let’s listen to this part of my conversation with Doug and Jake and learn all about Franklin’s water supply.

Water Sewer Division -

Water Smart program ->

Consumer Confidence Report for 2020 us what we walked through during the conversation

Consumer Confidence Reports -> archive   =


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