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Curating a RICH + INTENTIONAL Life - Musings from Tulum
Episode 424th May 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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I believe a RICH LIFE is one where we get to experience the fullness of all that God has designed for us. We experience depths, layers and richness, or abundance in all arenas, not just the financial one.

Today’s episode is inspired by a 1:1 trip to Tulum I recently went on with my 18 year old daughter that got me meditating on just how grateful I was that I had intentionally curated the life I have today.

I started a tradition years ago of going on solo trips with my kids as a way to spend more quality time together post my divorce and to cultivate deeper connections with each of them. I realized how much they thrived when I spent time with them 1:1 so it became a regular thing and I’ve never looked back. It truly has ENRICHED all of our lives.

This is just one of many decisions I made early on to INVEST in the soil that mattered to me - my relationships.

In today’s show, I share why I believe we are not here to create our lives, but rather to choose HOW we want to experience creation and all that is available to us.

Will we choose to only see what’s in front of us and what meets the eyes?

Will we choose to wait until the ‘perfect time’ or a ‘better time’ until we can….

Or we will choose to tap into the multitude of LAYERS Life HAS for us?

In this episode I unpack ...

  • Choosing our Life Experience
  • Creating the SPACE for cultivating relationships
  • Intentional focus days + weeks
  • Scheduling chunks of space vs time blocking
  • Upgrading our relationship with TIME
  • What’s working for me right now - my intentional practices

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