How Gnarly Nutrition connects with customers over shared values
Episode 3112th October 2022 • Hit Subscribe | The subscription ecommerce podcast by Recharge • Recharge
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On this episode we’re chatting with Liz Esche, Marketing Director at Gnarly Nutrition. Gnarly Nutrition supports athletes through natural and delicious sports nutrition products. 

We chatted with Liz about how her career in the outdoor industry brought her to connecting with Gnarly Nutrition at a film festival and then joining on to lead the business’ marketing team as they navigated a rebrand and an overhaul of their subscription program. 

We then chat about the immediate positive results Gnarly Nutrition saw when they migrated to Recharge, the brand’s plans for Black Friday Cyber Monday as well as the delicate balance between enticing new subscribers and rewarding your most loyal ones.

Lastly, we talk about Gnarly Nutrition’s Fuel for Life Grant and the positive impact brands can create when connecting with their customers over shared values. 

So let’s get started!


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