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Episode 135: The Beginning of Sorrows
Episode 1351st May 2023 • Bible Mysteries • Scott Mitchell
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The Beginning of Sorrows Show Notes


Christ spoke of the beginning of sorrows in Matthew 24. I have always understood this to be referring to events that immediately precede the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, or the great tribulation. Until we had our discussion with Ryan Pitterson in our Bible Mysteries Declassified Debriefing 2023, I had never considered that the beginning of sorrows may have begun the moment Christ ascended up to heaven. Today we will look into the Scriptures regarding the timing of this.

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All Scripture references are from the King James Version of the Bible

Matthew 24:3-8, Matthew 24:2, Revelation 11:1-2, Revelation 13:4-7, Daniel 9:26-27, Revelation 13:11-15, Matthew 24:14-16, Matthew 24:27-31, Matthew 24:32-35, Acts 2:38-40, Luke 17:24-25, Matthew 23:29-39, Matthew 24:1-8, Matthew 24:9-14, Acts 1:6-7, Matthew 24:14-18, Romans 13:10-14


I would argue in support of Ryan Pitterson’s teaching that the Seven Seals began to be opened as soon as Christ ascended up. All of the events outlined as the beginning of sorrows in Matthew 24 are referenced in the first 5 seals being opened, and the 6th seal appears to be the start of tribulation. The 5th Seal seems to include martyrs from the beginning AND in tribulation, so it bridges the end of the dispensation of grace and the start of tribulation. Paul wrote the night is far spent nearly 2,000 years ago. It would appear he suffered and believe he was in the beginning of sorrows, and we have been 2,000 years.

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