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Part 2 Customer Retention Series - Service Advisor Role [E106]
Episode 10626th June 2024 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Brian and Kim Walker are joined by Rena Rennebohm to discuss the crucial role of service advisors in customer retention. 

Part of a customer retention series, this conversation highlights the importance of tailored, one-on-one service advisor training. 

Key topics include the shop owner's role in setting expectations, the benefits of a one-to-one advisor-to-technician ratio, and common mistakes in advisor interactions. 

Rena emphasizes the need for clear communication, empathy, and consistent follow-up to build trust and enhance customer loyalty, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

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Show Notes with Timestamps

The role of service advisors (00:00:10)

  • Discussion on the importance of service advisors in customer retention and the start of the interview with Rena Greenbaum.

Rena's journey into service advisor training (00:01:10)

  • Rena's transition from being a service advisor to becoming a trainer and her approach to one-on-one training.

The impact of shop owners' vision (00:04:53)

  • The significance of communicating the shop's vision to service advisors and aligning it with customer expectations.

Building trust and communication (00:08:28)

  • The role of service advisors in building trust through clear communication and setting expectations with customers.

Creating a raving fan experience (00:11:14)

  • The importance of having a clear process and expectations for service advisors to create exceptional customer experiences.

The technician's happiness (00:15:33)

  • The impact of a supportive service advisor on a technician's thoroughness and customer communication.

Creating a raving fan experience (00:16:42)

  • The positive outcomes of taking time with customers and creating loyalty through thorough communication.

Advisors' extra level of communication (00:17:03)

  • The importance of personalized communication and setting expectations with customers to build a positive experience.

RepairPal's mission (00:18:34)

  • Promotion of RepairPal's mission to put trust back in auto repair and its benefits for shop owners.

Building trust through communication (00:19:43)

  • The impact of spending time with customers and building trust through clear communication and thoroughness.

Understanding and confidence in car repair (00:21:28)

  • The importance of explaining car repair in understandable terms and building confidence in customers.

Communication methods and customer loyalty (00:22:22)

  • The impact of communication methods on customer loyalty and the value of phone calls in building relationships.

Coaching for shop owners (00:23:21)

  • The role of coaching for shop owners in improving business and customer relationships.

Improving advisor-shop owner relationships (00:27:33)

  • The importance of shop owners setting up advisors for success and seeking coaching for business improvement.

Advisors' role and responsibilities (00:29:03)

  • The responsibility of shop owners to set up advisors for success and the importance of following processes and policies.

Retention starts with communication (00:30:04)

  • Discussion on the importance of clear communication and setting expectations for customer retention.

Common service advisor challenges (00:31:07)

  • Identifying common issues such as lack of empathy, rushed communication, and setting specific update times.

The controversial "just say yes" approach (00:32:45)

  • Debate on the idea of saying yes more often to customers and the missed opportunities of unnecessary nos.

Transitioning from no to yes (00:34:33)

  • Challenges of changing the approach from saying no to finding ways to say yes to customers' requests.

Hiring service advisors (00:37:27)

  • Qualities to look for in service advisors, the hiring process, and the importance of involving the existing staff in the hiring decision.

Finding potential service advisors (00:40:43)

  • Discussion on professions that translate well into service advisor roles, such as hospitality and hotel management.

Final advice and contact information (00:41:04)

  • Encouragement to consider adding more advisors and providing coaching or training, along with contact details for further inquiries.

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