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170: How Not To Pay The Corporate Toll – Taking Care of Your Health with Johanna Dahlman
3rd August 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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In Honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month in August, Holly hosts an interview with The Alopecia Angel, Johanna Dahlman. After having alopecia and recovering through holistic and organic methods, Johanna created books, programs and a site that is filled with empowering information, healthy alternatives and side effect free results for hair and health. Health is the greatest form of wealth. She helps people reduce anxiety, depression, stress, weight gain, health problems that arise due to neglect and reduce the toxic burden you are potentially enabling, even unknowingly. Correcting steps now, avoids potential health risks and increases productivity along with prosperity. Questions Holly and Johanna explore: How do we have the conversation with employers when a health situation comes up? What are practices that can be done to start listening to the body? What are symptoms of alopecia? Where can we start to evaluate our lifestyles? The power is in your hands to improve your health! Visit for more information. Remember, Mindful Matters and So Do YOU! For more resources go to