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Navigating Family, Connection, and Community with Alison Weaver
Episode 1386th May 2022 • The Rural Woman Podcast • Katelyn Duban
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On this week's episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you'll meet Alison Weaver.

Alison Weaver is a grain farmer, storyteller, and speaker. Alison wants to share with Women in Ag and beyond how to overcome challenges and know you are enough! Alison loves to mentor and cheer women on with their hopes and dreams. Alison is a wife, mom, gramma and avid horseback rider. She loves community and connections. Alison is involved in every aspect of the farm from investment decisions, assessing land, and sustainability protocols to operating machinery and cooking meals. She holds a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and a Leadership Certificate from the Edwards School of Business. She is an active member of the 4-H Expo committee at the Lloydminster Exhibition and has been a 4-H leader for over 15 years.

Alison recently created Navigate a planner for women living a rural lifestyle. The hope for Navigate is to be a tool to help bring calm where balance can be a myth. She wanted to create a book that had scheduling, journaling, record keeping and self-care all in one.

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