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56 Dan Kiernan (Part 1) - Soto Academy Director & Former Pro
Episode 5621st July 2020 • The Functional Tennis Podcast • Fabio Molle
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Dan Kiernan, the owner & director of Soto Tennis Academy joins the podcast this week.

We talk Coaching, Tour Life, Wimbledon, Soto Tennis Academy (program, schooling & costs). Dan is honest, transparent and says it as it is. It's very refreshing to listen to him!

We had a long chat with Dan, so decided to split our conversation with him into two separate episodes. This is Part 1.

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Stay safe & have a great week!

Episode Chapters:

5:30 - How Dan ended up coaching

10:52 - Playing at Wimbledon

21:07 - All about Soto Tennis Academy

30:48 - Core values at Soto Tennis Academy

35:45 - Cost of attending Soto

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