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How to Find Your PERFECT Wedding Officiant - with Rev. Roxanne Birchfield of MARRIED by REV. ROXY
Episode 2115th July 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Are you trying to find an officiant for your wedding, but are feeling overwhelmed and confused about the whole process. If you aren’t sure where to even begin finding someone who can share your story the way it was meant to be told, then this is the episode for you. Bring a pen and some paper, because you’ll be taking a lot of notes from this week’s show.

This is such a challenge for many couples, because unless you know someone already, you’re now left to find basically a complete stranger, inviting them into your world and telling them your life story and making sure they capture who you are and what you represent as a couple. Your ceremony is THE MOST important part of the day…there is no wedding without it, and so, whoever you get to be your officiant has to get it right.

So, because of that, I have on the show today someone who I consider one of the premier experts on this topic, Reverend Roxanne Birchfield, founder of the elite officiant company MARRIED by REV ROXY.

She’s worked clients who have been featured in VOGUE, Harper's BAZAAR, TIME, GLAMOUR, The New York Times, USA Today, Buzz Feed News and Munaluchi Bride and has performed ceremonies for high-profile celebrities that have been featured on shows such as Netflix’s Love is Blind, Married at First sight and Love & Hip-hop. She’s also earned recognition from Essence Magazine and Brides Magazine and is the first recipient of the Rising Star Award from the B Collective.

Most recently, she officiated the wedding of Dr. Kerry-Anne & Michael Gordon, known as the iconic couple that got married during the Black Lives Matter Protest in Philadelphia, PA.

Reverend Roxanne Birchfield, founder of the elite officiant company MARRIED by REV ROXY.

Rev. Roxy and I discuss:

  • The 2 important questions you need to think about when choosing your officiant
  • Why it's so important to ask your officiant what their plan is to get to know you
  • Thoughts on pre-marital counseling
  • How to get to know your officiant beyond what you see on their website
  • Questions you should be asking your officiant
  • How important the words used in the ceremony are and how they evoke emotion
  • Asking if the officiant has any rules you need to follow
  • The difference between an officiant and celebrant
  • Asking if your officiant can perform at your venue
  • Why checking with your county is THE MOST important place you need to check with to see who can perform your wedding
  • How NYC rules vary from the rest of NYS in terms of who can officiate
  • What questions you can expect your officiant to ask of you
  • Why having a family meeting about what type of ceremony you should have is so important
  • What happens between the time of booking and your wedding day

To learn more about MARRIED by REV. ROXY, you can visit

IG: @marriedbyrevroxy

FB: @marriedbyrevroxy


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