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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 20, 15th June 2021
Parenting Other People's Children with Debbie Ausburn

Parenting Other People's Children with Debbie Ausburn

"Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him". (Psalm 127:3)

Before today's guest even started having her own children she saw the need to wrap her arms around other peoples' gifts.  

As a social worker, Debbie Ausburn saw the trauma that children in the juvenile court system experienced and wanted to help. So she became a foster mother, raising other people's children solo.

Debbie is the author of Raising Other People’s Children: What being a foster parent taught me about bringing together a blended family.

If you are a foster/step parent here are some tips from Debbie:

  • show kids how to model a healthy relationship
  • commitment is stronger than love
  • with children, the commitment is one way

Connect with Debbie: www.debbieausburn.com

Grab your copy of Raising Other People’s Children here.

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