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How Two Foodies Bought a Restaurant and Found Success
Episode 841st November 2023 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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My favorite podcast episodes are those with restaurant owners who have transformed their restaurants and their lives. The transformation these restaurant owners made is going to blow you away. Joshua Powell and Joseph Vericella are owners of Clay’s Cafe in Hebron, Ohio. Clay opened its doors in 1934 and it has been a local staple for generations. Powell is a real estate agent turned investor, turned restaurant owner, who never thought he would own the restaurant he worked at as a kid. His partner, Vericella, has a long and successful career in hospitality. If you asked them both, they would probably tell you they are foodies at heart. In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Powell and Vericella share with us the challenges they faced taking over a restaurant that has long-standing traditions and long-term employees, and the change they made that gave them their lives back and exploded their profitability. Through this episode you’ll see the growth in their confidence and assertiveness as restaurant owners, which allowed them to make necessary changes in their business, such as dealing with toxic employees and identifying red flags in their operations.


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