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The Bull & The Bear - Money & Markets EPISODE 93, 16th April 2021
Coinbase IPO Stuns: Is COIN a Buy?
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Coinbase IPO Stuns: Is COIN a Buy?

This week wasn’t dominated by quarterly earnings, even as we kicked off a very important round of quarterly reports.

All of that was drowned out by one big item: the Coinbase IPO.

On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency exchange and digital currency wallet provider launched its long-awaited initial public offering.

It deals in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum … just to name a few.

And the Coinbase IPO did not disappoint.

I thought it was a good idea to bring in two of the best investment minds in the game to talk about what it all means.

Chief investment strategist Adam O’Dell and Green Zone Fortunes co-editor Charles Sizemore join me on this weekend edition of The Bull & The Bear. We break down one of the largest IPOs to hit the market in recent memory.

More importantly, we tell you where we think this company is going in the future.

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