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Jason Mendelson: Criminal Justice Reform, Music, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
Bonus Episode24th February 2022 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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Today’s guest is musician, songwriter, author and criminal justice reformer Jason Mendelson. Jason currently releases music under the artist name Jace Allen, with all proceeds of his musical career going to benefit various organizations in the criminal justice reform ecosystem. Jason has co-founded two different organizations that help people transition from prison to home with the goal of drastically reducing recidivism rates. Prior to this latest season of his life, Jason has had careers as a start up founder, venture capitalist, lawyer, and professor. We chat about the changes needed in the criminal justice system, how music builds confidence, and why the entrepreneurial mindset applies to much more than just business.

In this episode we'll dig in on...

  • Recognizing and taking advantage of "luck"
  • Life as an improve
  • The best model to increase successful returns to home for formerly incarcerated individuals
  • The United States is the most incarcerated country in the world
  • Being an underdog guy
  • Working in criminal justice reform since 2015
  • Flipping the hierarchy
  • The importance of resiliency
  • Leaning on the visible success of others to inspire change in people
  • Entrepreneurs vs Musicians
  • Training people in the prison system and how that transforms you
  • Being thankful for adversity and learning from your failures

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Guest: Jason Mendelson

Host: Travis Ference

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