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Dijana Tepšić - From Radio Presenter to Entrepreneur
Episode 3110th November 2023 • An Englishman in the Balkans • David Pejčinović-Bailey
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In this compelling podcast, Dijana Tepšić shares her journey; from a radio presenter during demanding times to a successful entrepreneur in the Balkan media industry.

I caught up with Dijana on a sunny November day in Banja Luka.

Dijana talks about her varied career path, her adventures in radio presenting, her inspiring work in women's rights, and being a DJ.

Dijana also opens up about her passion for entrepreneurship, the establishment of a creative agency, and the extraordinary work of launching an event like Play Media Day.

This episode concludes on a positive note with Dijana's insights about adapting and overcoming obstacles, and an enthusiastic call to action for others to pursue their interests and passions.

00:00 Introduction and Setting the Scene

01:09 Meeting with Dijana Tepšić: A Long-Time Friend and Entrepreneur

01:31 Dijana's Journey: From Radio Presenter to Entrepreneur

02:28 Dijana's Life in Banja Luka and Her Early Career

05:18 Dijana's Transition to Women's Rights and Her Global Experiences

08:38 Dijana's Music Career and Her Passion for Creativity

13:38 Discussing LGBTQ+ Rights and Social Issues in the Region

17:45 The Impact of the Pandemic on Dijana's Business

43:07 The Launch of Ultra Magazine: A Passion Project

50:05 Dijana's Future Plans and Final Thoughts

You can find out more about Dijana at:

Ultra Magazine

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