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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 148, 12th April 2021
Pod 148: Lubna Kerr and Joe 90
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Pod 148: Lubna Kerr and Joe 90

Lubna Kerr grew up understanding what it means to feel different. Living in Scotland, but of Pakistani heritage, she found someone to identify with on telly... Most Special Agent Joe 90! In part one of this fascinating interview with Richard James, Lubna Kerr explains how she could relate to young Joe.

01:07 Welcome! Did we mention Gerry Anderson Day is Wednesday, the 14th of April?

04:12 Fan Favourite: FAB Facts

10:48 Emails? We're not quite sure. But Gerry Anderson Day is almost here!

15:18 The Gerry Anderson (Day) News! See (so many) links below

29:11 Our Facebook group is a-buzz! Link below

31:20 Lubna Kerr – Part One

46:05 In case you haven't noticed, we're very excited about Gerry Anderson Day!

48:19 Chris Dale is not a number! But it's Randomiser no. 148

1:12:50 Wrapping things up!

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