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S2-EP28: Rewind - Nobody Bats a Thousand
Episode 2823rd June 2021 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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As we continue to chip away at the upcoming blood trail episode, we hope you’ll enjoy this Snow Files Rewind from Season 1. It’s a great introduction - especially for our new listeners - to Jamie’s trouble with his trial attorneys.

Episode 4 – Nobody Bat’s a Thousand - outlines the issues with Jamie’s appointed trial counsel – a stroke patient and a mentally ill alcoholic who went to prison after Jamie’s trial for bilking an elderly client of her life savings.

We’ll be back next Wednesday with a brand new episode – Bad Blood - where we’ll continue with our forensic exploration by taking an in-depth look into the issues surrounding the blood evidence.

You will find yourself asking, once again, why not test the DNA? But for now, meet Pat Riley and Frank Picl...through Jamie's eyes.

Jamie’s trial lasted nine days and the jury deliberated for two days. They heard forty-three states witnesses and fifteen defense witnesses. They heard Jamie’s attorneys hassle witnesses. But what they didn’t hear was even more important. They didn’t hear critical questions or objections to key witness testimony, recorded police radio calls or interviews, or any evidence or investigation that directly discredited witnesses. They also didn’t hear Jamie’s constant letters to the judge, begging McClean county for relief from his broken-down legal team. Jamie’s pair of lawyers were a stroke patient and a mentally ill alcoholic, who berated him throughout the trial, and tried to abandon him right before sentencing. This fourth episode of Snow Files shows no mercy to Jamie, by even his own court appointed attorneys.