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Episode 94 Interview with Tabitha Trent: We Can Do Hard Things
4th July 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 94 Interview with Tabitha Trent: We Can Do Hard Things

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. You are tuning in today for the story of Tabitha Trent – a young married woman with a 2-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with stage III Colon Cancer in January 2017.

Let me share a couple reasons I’m doing this interview: first, there is probably not a soul out there that hasn’t either had cancer or known someone who has. It’s an epidemic in our modern world – my grandmother died of cancer, my mother fought breast cancer, my son has leukemia, I have another friend who has fought phenomenally hard for years but doesn’t have much time left. I’m sure you have a similar list. Second, Tabitha, from the beginning has been very open about her journey. She aligned herself with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and volunteered in their buddy program. She’s been open from the beginning so that her journey could help others with questions or fears about the process of battling cancer.  She has proactively shared her story of grit. And third, because her advocacy and choice to shift her mindset from one of fear and denial to positivity and supporting others who were going through this as she was, gives us a story of one woman’s choice to create something powerful from something horrible.

Stay tuned for her story and listen in on her amazing and inspirational attitude.

Tune into the podcast for my interview with Tabitha

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Our realities are a creation of our mindset. I know it’s hard to take that full responsibility, especially when things kick our feet out from under us. Sometimes it’s hard for me to control my mindset – I get it. And, I would never suggest that everyone who gets a horrible disease should simply bounce up and away and shift their mindset into power and positivity, because there is certainly a time for mourning, for fear, for anger, for all the other emotions that are such a big part of illness, especially terminal illness. You are totally justified to feel all those emotions and more. But stories like Tabitha’s show us that the fear and anger, the horror and depression don’t have to be where we stay. There is a choice to shift into brighter spaces. For those of you who want another option – the option of finding power and positive and getting real with your grit – here’s a story of someone who has done just that.

Thanks for joining us for her story today.

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See you next week for another inspiring story or tool on making your life story fabulous!