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Living Without Limits: Strategies for Overcoming Fear
Episode 11st March 2023 • Take Tiny Action • Monique Malcolm
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In this episode, we're diving into the topic of fear and how it affects our lives. We all experience fear, and it's totally natural since it has helped us survive as a species. But sometimes, fear can hold us back from doing things we want to do.

We'll talk about how living in constant fear can have some real negative impacts on us, both physically and emotionally. It can stop us from reaching our goals and even mess with our relationships.

But don't worry, we'll also chat about ways to overcome fear and live our lives without any limits. Mindfulness and self-reflection can be super helpful in figuring out what we're scared of and how to tackle it. Plus, having friends, family, or a therapist to support us can make a big difference too.

So, take a listen and think about your own relationship with fear. Let's work together to overcome it and achieve our dreams!


Don't Let Fear Have All the Fun Book -

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