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Let's talk ... - Suzie Lewis EPISODE 3, 15th June 2020
#3 Business Agility in today’s world with Evan Leybourn
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#3 Business Agility in today’s world with Evan Leybourn

In this episode of let's talk Evan and I discuss Business Agility research and practice, and the role of Agility in shaping organisations. Evan shares his insight from years of experience and research on Agile organisations and the role of leadership and strategy in navigating the constraints and opportunities of uncertainty.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • The importance of strategic agility and the ability to respond to change.
  • The vital role of leaders in enabling agility
  • Ensuring that growth mindset is being developed at all levels of the organisation is pivotal to pushing through cultural resistance
  • You don't need certainty if you have agility
  • An organisation is only as agile as it's least agile part
  • Identifying constraints is key to understanding where you should be investing in transformation.