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Creating Heaven on Earth with Martin Rutte
2nd September 2019 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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This week’s guest is Martin Rutte. Martin is president of Livelihood, a management consulting firm in Santa Fe, NM, that has worked with such organizations as The World Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Virgin Records. Martin’s aim is to provide the insights and tools necessary to overcome obstacles, adapt to changing circumstances, re-frame perspectives and solve seemingly impossible problems. One way he’s doing this is through his newest book, Project Heaven on Earth: The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world … easily.


Where to follow Martin:

Project Heaven on Earth website.

Purchase Martin’s book, Heaven On Earth, here.

On Facebook @MartinRutte


In this episode we cover the following topics with Martin:

  • ([2:30] minute) Dorothy has an offer for the listener.
  • ([4:00] minute) Growing up in a lower working class neighborhood and developing the mindset he was going to change the world.
  • ([8:00] minute) It is not necessary to believe, it is necessary to start.
  • ([14:00] minute) Naming our vision; Heaven on Earth concept.
  • ([18:00] minute) Three questions to define your Heaven on Earth.
  • ([27:00] minute) The notion of simple and it’s enormous power.
  • ([32:00] minute) Role of entrepreneurs in creating Heaven on Earth.
  • ([35:00] minute) Buy 3 books, not 1, and if you buy a case of 20, Martin will do a free webinar for you or your organization.


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