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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 20, 3rd July 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Aleesha Patel, Digit
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Product Marketing Insider | Aleesha Patel, Digit

Digit’s Head of Product Marketing, Aleesha Patel, shares her experiences taking the leap from a PMM team of 50+ at LinkedIn, to a solo PMM at tech start-up Digit, as well as the art of prioritizing as a one-woman PMM org, the top skills she believes have helped her career, and why she’s so passionate about the role. 


"What's helped me get into product marketing is having a very strong empathy for the end-user and having the skill set and also the intention to really understand who that end-user is. So, through research, whether that's quantitative or qualitative, and then being able to take those insights and actually converting that into then actionable takeaways."