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Improve Your Relationship Communication Step 1: Overcome Fear
Episode 2816th September 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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It would make it so much easier if relationship communication fears came out of your mouth wearing blue smoke.

Then your partner would know to slow down and listen more carefully.

But fears hide. And then fears pollute your relationship communication.

6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication

I've written a book! Or at least I've almost finished. This episode is a sneak peak into step 1: Overcome fear.

You'll learn about why fear is just trying to protect you. But you'll also see how fear is damaging your relationship communication.

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This week's date night discussion

You and your partner both have disguises you wear to keep fear hidden. Try naming your fear--each of you. When you name a fear, you tame a fear.

Then discuss how your fear-disguises impact your relationship communication.




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