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Bonus E06 - MJBizcon GLG Media Suite Interviews
Episode 10Bonus Episode2nd November 2021 • The Modern Extractor • Jason Showard
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The first edition of interviews from the Good Life Gang Media Suite at Encore Las Vegas during MJBizcon. In this episode we talk to Jacqueline McGrane, @shattergurljacqueline, SVP of Business Development for Boulder Creek Technologies about their groundbreaking Vapor Static Extraction System. This was probably the most disruptive tech released at MJBizcon this year.

We also talk to Fernando of Voodoo Extracts for real talk about California's cannabis black market. He takes us on a walk through the life of a traditional market producer, with first hand stories of paying off city officials and his headline-catching desert grow busts.

Last but not least, we catch up with Photon Noir, one of the pioneers that helped shape modern closed loop hydrocarbon extraction. Dylan is full of stories from the early days, and walks us through his work with FOAF on developing of the original 'Honey Pot' closed loop system.