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Transform Your Workplace From Toxic to Collaborative with AmyJo Mattheis
Episode 3029th July 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes workplace expert AmyJo Mattheis, the CEO of Pavo Navigation Coaching, which is a unique resource that helps other firms and companies eliminate toxicity from the workplace. Mattheis holds a B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University and an M. Div. from the Graduate Theological Union. She considers it her life purpose to equip individuals, organizations, and companies with tangible, easy, and actionable tools that take the office from a place that is toxic and siloed to one that is collaborative, innovative, and welcoming.

According to AmyJo’s belief, the way the world works and how we do things has been shaped and formed through three primary energies – fear, lack, and separation (fliss). The opposing energies are love, abundance, and unity (LAU) – they are the antidote. The workplace is toxic because humans have learned how to behave in a flissy manner. We have been taught that there is not enough of anything, and we have to do whatever we need to get what we need. But when we tune in to our inner knowing, we will always be pointed in the direction that feeds LAU. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. We still have difficult conversations; we still hear things that we don't want to hear. But if we do all of that from love, abundance, and unity, it is a much different experience than doing that from fear, lack, and separation.

Episode Highlights

06:45 – Workplaces are so toxic because humans are there. And it is not because humans are toxic. We have learned how to behave in a flissy manner because the driving energy of fear, lack, and separation is lack. 

11:27 – The first step (from FLS to LAU) for all of us is to make a commitment to turn up your awareness and look for evidence of the fliss.  The second step is to decide whether or not we want to keep feeding it. Listen to your intuition. It is LAU based. 

20.45 – Curiosity is one of the best tools for women. Slowing down would be another tool. The tools from love, abundance, and unity are always simple. 

26:44 – The people that I was listening to are telling me I have to do it. But do I really have to do it? I’m not building a FLS (fliss) business, my intention is to build a LAU business. So maybe, in a LAU business, you don't have to have a business plan that looks just like that. And it was the most freeing feeling.

35:57 – One of the primary tools critical for being authentic about creating a truly inclusive, equitable, diverse workplace is that we must create an environment where people get to blow it, make mistakes, say the wrong thing, ask the silly question, or the offending question, and learn how to interact with that in a way that creates dialogue.  


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