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Seven Secret Signs That A Team Member Needs Emotional Support, When Working Remotely [Episode 009]
Episode 913th July 2020 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Today's episode is for you if you're the kind of leader who wants to make sure their team isn't just 'performing', but they're thriving emotionally. You want to be able to spot when someone might need emotional support, as we move out of lockdown.

You'll learn seven secret signs that someone needs that emotional support. And you'll discover how to spot them even if you're on a Zoom call, rather than face-to-face. Plus we'll cover strategies to handle this, without turning into a therapist.

What You'll Cover Today On The Seven Secret Signs That A Team Member Needs Emotional Support:

  • Why classic 'resilience' is causing performance problems and mental and emotional health issues
  • Seven secret signs that a team member might need emotional support, even if they're putting on an Oscar-winning performance of everything being ok
  • Why this is so vital - for the individual, for your teams, and for your company - as we move out of lockdown
  • The hidden reasons why anxiety levels are rising at the moment, rather than decreasing, even though the Covid-19 risk is decreasing
  • Strategies for rebuilding your teams, especially if people were furloughed, to help people to move from surviving to thriving

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