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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 21, 2nd May 2021
How To Think Intelligently - With Kevin Duncan
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How To Think Intelligently - With Kevin Duncan

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Kevin Duncan.

Kevin is a business adviser, marketing expert, motivational speaker and the UK’s best-selling business author. After 20 years in advertising, he has spent the last twenty as an independent troubleshooter, advising companies on how to change their businesses for the better via training, facilitation, and mentoring.

Why you've got to check out Kevin's episode:

- Discover the importance of respect in client-coach and client-consultant relationships and how draconian clients can ruin relationships.

- Understand what Kevin means by 'desperate urgency' and the negative consequences which come from it and the importance of facing up to and dealing with the hard challenges.

- Desperate urgency causes you to frantically panic and do 'stuff' in an attempt to hit your targets, recover from difficult market conditions or scramble to capture market share.

- Learn Kevin's technique called '3 Good & 3 Bad' which will help project team members to capture the three best things and three worst things about a project and avoid the HIPO effect.

- Get access to expert advice from Kevin as well as access to his free books and resources, extract summarised insights from over 500 business books for free and also get access to Kevin's latest book - The Intelligent Workbook

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