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I’m a good podcast editor. Why do I feel like an impostor? – PEM0012
Episode 1220th August 2020 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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Do you ever find yourself wondering if you're good enough as a podcast editor? Or maybe struggling to raise your rates even though you know you need to?

We all do. Or at least most of us do. And for one reason…


You thought I was going to say “imposter syndrome” and you're right. But at the root, it's fear.

  • Fear that you're not good enough.
  • Fear that you'll be judged.
  • Fear that a potential client may turn you down.
  • Fear that…

What does that mean little bully of a voice say to you?

Here's the point, though.

If we all face it, then we shouldn't face it alone. We should be honest with ourselves and others when we find safe spaces to share what's going on between our ears.

This week Heather Wester joins us to share her journey as a podcast producer at Ironed Out Media. She shares some ups and some downs as well. And, as you'll learn, she struggles with imposter syndrome too.

Listen to discover: 

  • How Impostor Syndrome has affected each of us.
  • How Impostor Syndrome will even bring fear into what is clearly a success.
  • How Heather's background gave her a head-start with podcast production.
  • How a dare led to Heather being an Affiliate Producer for a popular radio program.
  • How discovering nuances within podcasting forced her to grow.
  • How a dose of humility is vastly different from tearing yourself down.
  • The value of taking things one step at a time.
  • A question you can ask yourself to reframe whether you'll listen to that evil little voice in your head.

As you listen, you're sure to find something powerful in Heather's story - whether you're trying to make sense out of your journey as a podcast editor, just getting started, or trying to figure out how to break through a limiting belief that's holding you back.

This was a truly wonderful conversation, and we're so happy that Heather was willing to share her journey, her successes, and her struggles with us.

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This episode was edited by Bryan Entzminger of Top Tier Audio.

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