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Trumpet Dynamics - James Newcomb 7th December 2020
Freak Lip Injury Leads to Change in Career and Perspective (Turns Out It’s What Beth Peroutka Was Meant to do All Along)
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Freak Lip Injury Leads to Change in Career and Perspective (Turns Out It’s What Beth Peroutka Was Meant to do All Along)

Beth Peroutka had a seemingly unlimited future in front of her. Blessed with a musical upbringing, and an indomitable desire to succeed in whatever she did, she appeared to be on an unstoppable course to her dream gig with the "Pershing's Own" military band in Washington, D.C.

Of course, everyone feels unstoppable when they're young...

Beth played trumpet - a lot. Through high school, undergrad at the University of North Texas, graduate studies at Baylor University, and in her doctoral studies again at North Texas.

It's what she did.

And if you asked her, she probably would have told you it's who she was.

The pain in the lip began during the first year of doctoral studies. It would come and go intermittently, then gradually with more frequency and intensity in pain. Then one day during a symphony rehearsal, the pain seared through her face, going as far as underneath her eye. Her lip was the size of a golf ball; the bruising was extensive.

Beth's days as a trumpet player were effectively over.

Anyone in that situation would ask themselves, "What could I have done differently?"

Obviously not play so much. Maybe not play while teaching lessons; maybe pass on a few gig opportunities so you can get proper rest.

It's easy to be critical in hindsight, or from the sidelines.

What's not easy is to move on when everything you've done, everything that makes up your identity is no longer there.

Perhaps it was a quest to learn the precise physical issue behind her injury (to this day, its cause is unknown).

Perhaps it was a means of finding closure, of seeking a life full of the joy and fulfillment she once knew as a musician.

Whatever the case, Beth began a journey into the realm of nutrition, fitness and biochemistry. She eventually became a certified personal trainer, working out of her garage, helping her clients discover balance in their bodies, and in turn their lives.

Beth no longer mourns the abrupt end to her musical career. She's realized that whether she's playing a trumpet, or helping someone relieve pain in their lower back, she's on a big stage.

The reward for performing on this stage is not the praise and adulation of paying patrons, nor from positive client testimonials.

It's being in sync with her Creator in body, mind and spirit, living her life in a way that He gives the thumbs up and says, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

In this conversation with Beth Peroutka, you'll hear:

-Beth's start on the trumpet...05:20

-Passionate, highly motivated and dedicated musician...09:00

-How the injury manifested itself to the point Beth could no longer play...14:00

-Coming to terms with the new reality...19:30

-Realizing what brings true fulfillment as a professional...26:45

-Practical fitness tips for musicians...29:35

-What makes a successful life?...38:30

And much more...

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn

549 Health and Wellness - Beth's personal training website