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047: My Experiences Are Part of My Wholeness — Learning to Experience Love & Pain at the Same Time
29th December 2017 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Is grief something to be kept in the shadows or is it better to bring it out into the light? How can mindfulness and meditation be used to heal our hearts and minds when we are separated from love? In this thought-provoking, one-on-one interview, Guest, Leah Guy, joins Host, Mike Domitrz, to share techniques that help people experience the deep emotions associated with loss, to drop the associated blame, and to get their energy moving in a way that helps them arrive at a place of healing and peace.    Subscribe to the Everyday Mindfulness Show.    Key Takeaways:    [1:39] Leah explains the dangers of people who detach.  [6:49] How to be fearless in grief.  [17:48] Emotional workouts can include walking meditations.  [22:33] Leah came to healing and mindfulness after her survivor experience.  [24:48] How survivors can move forward.    Mentioned in This Episode:    Brené Brown    The Fearless Path: A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace,[Text Wrapping Break]by Leah Guy    A Girl Named Guy on Facebook    Leah Guy is an intuitive transpersonal healer, spiritual teacher, professional speaker, and media personality. She offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and more than 22 years helping clients transform their lives from fear and disconnection to heart-centered, soulful living. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker who has appeared on numerous television and radio shows on topics such as meditation, the mind-body connection, energy medicine, intuition, and addiction, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. Also known as The Modern Sage, she owns the Modern Sage Healing Center and product line and A Girl Named Guy Productions, LLC.    The Sponsors of This Week’s Episode:    Zen Parenting Radio — A podcast to help you feel outstanding.    Yes Means Yes: An Introduction to Consent and Boundaries a book for young people by Christine Babinec. 




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