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From the Demonic to Prophetic Visions from the Lord!—PART 2 Follow-on Interview with Dawid Pawlowski
Episode 36th April 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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This is PART 2 of a 3-hour follow-on interview between Sean M. Madden, of, and Dawid Pawlowski, of We discuss Dawid's experiences of hearing from the Lord, seeing visions. Sean and Dawid also discuss the demonic realm, and important signs of things to come in these wicked last days within which we're all living.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:20 The unbelief in the churches is unbelievable

00:02:06 An enormous angel walking with girl

00:02:43 If Christians would truly believe the power they have

00:03:31 Will Jesus find faith when He returns? (Luke 18:8)

00:03:46 Justified through faith, not the law

00:04:40 We are spiritual beings (vs. Beast system lies) 

00:05:43 It began when I was about 4 or 5 years old

00:09:17 What I saw was Wormwood (Revelation 8:11)

00:09:35 Church tested / Jesus separating the goats

00:10:20 Oppression / aunt a medium

00:10:52 Something calling me from a young age

00:11:12 Aunt visits family in Greece

00:11:42 Listen to death metal, sniff glue, drink

00:12:00 Began reading satanic bible, etc.

00:12:34 The kiss of the devil

00:13:59 At 15-16 years old, moved to Canada

00:14:25 In front of parents, made a pact with Lucifer 

00:14:46 Very strange things started to happen

00:15:28 I heard what sounded like big wings

00:16:02 The next day, I commit suicide

00:16:42 Gangsters / started to fear for my life

00:16:55 Bullet scraped my ear

00:18:36 Preacher at church doing deliverances

00:19:17 A vision: a huge hand picks me up

00:19:51 Fists coming out of his stomach!

00:20:37 I cried, I cried, I cried

00:21:34 My best friends killed 

00:22:27 Taken to a rave, a completely different world

00:22:54 I have a vision (before taking ecstasy)

00:23:46 Huge demon receiving worship

00:24:20 This is special, I'm not like everyone else

00:25:53 I see shadows walking in the midst of people

00:28:20 A devil's playground

00:28:36 Demonic manifestations intensified

00:29:24 Baptized second time, fell back to sin

00:29:35 Dawid saved (2005) as described in Episode 1

00:30:31 The devil is real, the angels are real 

00:30:52 We're not able to win without the Holy Spirit

00:31:30 2006 began to be persecuted by government

00:31:46 Rejection by Christendom

00:32:26 Jesus doesn't want just 10 percent from me

00:32:36 Met an old, true prophet

00:34:10 Heavy persecution / brokenhearted / arrested / fines / betrayal

00:34:46 A voice says, "LISTEN!" / double-edged Sword

00:35:34 His voice was like rushing water

00:36:39 The light that was in and around Him was alive

00:37:24 I saw two beings

00:38:03 Children before, looking at me

00:38:18 Like a sponge

00:38:55 Lord, I'm listening

00:39:15 I'm nobody

00:39:29 Saw the glory of God

00:40:26 Only through Jesus will we be able to look at Him

00:40:38 Fiery text appears

00:40:52 Unless we become as a little child, we shall by no means enter the kingdom of God (cf, Matt. 18:3, Mark 10:15, Luke 18:17)

00:41:22 Next vision: Seeking a wife

00:41:37 The devil is a copycat

00:42:19 If you see in a vision something imperfect, do not believe it!

00:42:36 Try the spirits / devil will come as an angel of light 

00:42:46 Another situation, in 2010, still under heavy persecution

00:42:59 Night vision: Seeing the fall of Lucifer from heaven to the earth

00:44:04 I saw him as he devoured everything in his path

00:44:28 The Holy Spirit burning: I see a prophet of God

00:45:11 The church will be under heavy persecution: 2019 (story of Wuhan), 2020 (story spreads)

00:45:43 First horseman of the Apocalypse adorned in white, a crown on his head, to conquer the world

00:45:56 "Corona" means "crown"

00:46:14 Worldwide medical tyranny

00:46:24 The "Coronavirus" scamdemic was prepping for World War III (2nd horse: red/war; cf, Rev. 6:4, Zec. 1,2)

00:46:42 Poisoned arrows ("vaccines")

00:47:21 The gates of hell will not prevail against my church

00:47:35 Brushed off by certain churches (2010)

00:47:51 Next visitation shook me (2019)

00:48:03 Delivered before Parliament

00:49:07 My son, war is coming

00:49:41 My children have sold me (God) for silver and gold

00:50:22 Canada to be attacked by nations Trudeau (Castro) is in bed with

00:51:06 The last vision can't be changed

00:51:56 It's going to come like a thief in the night

00:52:26 We're in the season

00:52:48 The enemy: China, Persia and other tribes

00:54:14 The deception is great / espionage (false flags)

00:54:37 Christians, don't believe "the news"!

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