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How to “Make Time” with Travis Parry
Episode 8916th November 2022 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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Travis Parry, keynote speaker, financial coach, author, and podcast host, joins me from Cache Valley, Utah, on today’s episode of Bridging The Gap. 

Most financial advisors desire to scale their business but struggle to accomplish it organically. While there are a plethora of various marketing and advertising ways to increase revenue, many advisors lack a specific strategy to create and disseminate niched content. In addition, advisors are susceptible to losing the balance they have once they take action on scaling their business. 

In this episode, Dr. Parry discusses his "Make Time to Scale" Method and outlines his 7-step process to scaling your financial planning business with organic, niched content to help advisors increase their business while spending less time at work.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Travis G. Parry founded the Make Time Institute to help Financial Advisors Achieve Work/Life Balance. As a Former Financial Advisor, Travis knows well the struggles that Financial Advisors deal with to keep a healthy balance between building a practice and enjoying life outside of it. He's earned several degrees in Social Science including a PhD in Family and Human Development to Better Understand the Roles of Motivation and Relationships Play in Goal Achievement.

He is a sought-after International Speaker, Inspirational Coach, Podcast Host, and International Bestselling Author of the Book Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method to Help Advisors Reach Business AND Personal Goals In An Overworked World.

Dr. Parry has helped thousands achieve balance, but his greatest joy is his marriage to his incredible wife of 19 years and becoming parents to their 7 amazing children!

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