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The Bull & The Bear - Money & Markets EPISODE 76, 17th February 2021
1 Stock Is on the Cutting Edge of Tech … Buy Now
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1 Stock Is on the Cutting Edge of Tech … Buy Now

When I first stepped onto the floor of the BMW Manufacturing Co. production plant in Greenville nearly a decade ago, I was in awe.

It wasn’t what I envisioned for a massive automotive production plant that manufactures all the X model SUVs you see on the road today.

There weren’t thousands upon thousands of workers standing in an assembly line.

Instead, I found smaller groups working alongside robots and computers automating what used to take hundreds more people to do.

Talking to the plant CEO, I found out they use software and other technologies to cut down on cycle time, employee downtime and speed up the production process. It’s what helped the plant churn out more than 1,500 vehicles … in a day!

Well, I used Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell’s six-factor Green Zone Ratings system to find the underlying stock of a consulting company that provides this kind of cutting-edge technology to some of the largest manufacturers operating today.

I’ll tell you about it in this episode of The Bull & The Bear.

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