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Bonus Episode #007 - Hospitality Meets Jeffrey Shaw - The Self Employed Life Guru
Episode 7Bonus Episode14th May 2021 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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I'm super excited to bring you our next Bonus Episode.

There are over 240,000 self employed people working within Hospitality in the UK as of Q4 in 2020. With a pandemic shifting the work force, that number is set to rise.

Today's guest speaks directly to anyone who considers themselves self employed.

We got some time with inspirational force that is Jeffrey Shaw (, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Coach and all round self employed guru. We specifically delve into Jeffrey's most recent book, "The Self Employed Life" (, released on 4th May 2021.

We get through loads including:-

  • Embracing change
  • Recessions and self employment
  • Gratitude for where you live
  • Selling eggs
  • Photography
  • Traditional jobs
  • Follow what's unfolding
  • The importance of sanitisation
  • Business travel and sleep
  • The logic of business
  • The adaptive music industry
  • The comfort of brand
  • The Self employed life podcast
  • Being the professional guest
  • Personal development
  • Getting passed overwhelm
  • Daily habits
  • Self employment myths
  • Setting intentions
  • What’s going right?
  • Why the book exists

In addition, Jeffrey talks us through his incredible story so far with 4 decades notched up as self employed.

Phil even describes this as a coaching session in its own right.


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