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Prayer 2021 - July 12 - Refuse to Worry pt 4
Episode 19112th July 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Job 22:27

“You will pray to Him, and He will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows.”

Refuse to Worry pt 4

We have been studying about Refusing to Worry and how we need to “Cast all of our cares over on the Lord, for He cares for us.” That’s in 1 Peter 5:7.

Yesterday, we left off with how some people, even born again believers, feel it is their obligation to worry. If they don’t worry about something, they feel they are not doing their Christian duty or something.

I seen a bumper sticker or sign or something one time that said something to the effect of, “Why pray when you can worry.”

Although it was meant to be humorous, in fact, it was stating how many believer operate!  It’s sad – but true!

Our motto should be, “Why worry when you can pray!” 

Philippians 4:6 says, “…but in EVERYTHING, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

Did you notice, it says “with THANKSGIVING.”  That’s not talking only during your annual turkey dinner. Amen.

Paul has shared several different facets of prayer in this one verse. Let’s look at them:

1.     Don’t worry.  It does not matter what the circumstances are, you are commanded to NOT worry about it. Don’t fret over it. Don’t concern yourself with the outcome – God has your back! Amen!

2.     Paul said “… in EVERYTHING…”  that covers how much of the circumstances you are facing? EVERYTHING!  Amen!  Everything means Every Thing. All of it.   You are supposed to “…in everything, with prayer and supplication, make your requests known to God.”  You can PRAY ABOUT IT – just don’t worry about it! 

3.     He said to PRAY WITH THANKSGIVING.  Some people never pray with thanksgiving. Ever. Their prayer requests don’t even come close to giving of thanks. They are more like moaning, groaning and complaining and “gimme gimme gimme” type of prayers. Paul said to Pray WITH THANKSGIVING about the outcome of your prayer!  Just start thanking God for the answer AS YOU PRAY about it – not when you see it. Oh, I don’t have time to go down that rabbit trail today… Glory to God!  

Let’s Pray!

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