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Episode 1113th July 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are? Well, it's 9:00 AM on Tuesday. So we must be at the 9@9. And I'm TGo today. We're going to have some fun with my buddy Cory, from the, R Family Strong, Cory you out there? What's happening Cory? How are you? How are you? I'm Excellent, man.

I miss my buddy, my pal, Jo Jo, but I guess she got stuck being an adult and doing her, her regular job, huh? Yeah, the entrepreneurial life so much better than a 9 to 5. So how have you been brother? What's been going on, I'll just living the dream with my five kids. We spent some time just the other day,

five days in Utah visiting some family. Last month we spent 10 days and I was spent 4 days in Florida and the kids spent in New Mexico. And so I was able 4 days in Florida, six days in New Mexico, they had 10 days in New Mexico. So we've been, we've been on the road a lot more than usual. Yeah. You've been living the life,

man. I need to come hang out with y'all. Now, when you talk about family, I'm saying, when you talk about family, you guys, and if you want the full story, I'll tell y'all now go, go look at the Expert Talk full interview because you know, my, my producer, Allen is rude. He's going to cut us off at nine minutes.

I can't go too deep. But Cory and Jo Jo are foster parents, their parents, they, they help other people. When they're talking about taking that adventure of being a foster parent, they they've been doing this. And as an adoptive child, all grown up now, you know, that's, my passion is to talk to people that are helping kids out there,

but you also have R Family Strong. What does that? R Family Strong? So Rankin is my last name, but that's exactly what we want. We want families to be strong. And so my wife and I in our business, we help entrepreneurs restructure the chaos of life to business proof, their marriage. And what I mean by a business proof.

Marriage is a marriage and a business that you love that is thriving and business proof marriages. You're creating a business that comes second to your family. Your family is the first priority of families. The first thing that goes on the calendar, you're able to show up better in the home for your family, for your marriage, for your children. And because you can show up better in the home,

you can show up better in the business to increase your profits in the business. So that's what R Family Strong is about. Building stronger families. Everything that we do is for that reason, exactly. We have five children that we've adopted through foster care and not one of them had a father present. So my deepest, deepest why with R Family Strong is give children the best opportunity to be raised in a two parent household where they're loving,

supporting family bonds that can give them the confidence to become who they want to be. And the best way to achieve that is by strengthening the marriage from the top. And as the marriage becomes stronger, the family becomes stronger and everybody wins. No, I hear you, brother. I don't want to say good morning. And Kristy Cato, our buddy out there,

our author, Kristy Cato is actually watching this morning. Hey Kristy, thanks for coming to hang out. You don't, you talked about family and, and when you build a building or, or you want to create anything, the strong foundation is you got to have it. If you don't have a strong foundation, you keep building up. Eventually it's coming down and that's,

and that's not great. I was really blessed to have two great parents in my household, kind of watching my back. But if you're sitting out there right now and you're thinking, well, you know, I'd like to be a foster parent. I maybe, how do I know if I'm the right person to be a foster parent? What's the first steps?

Well, the first step is go to an orientation meeting. We are foster parents through our county, our local county, but there's several there's private agencies. There's the county. I would recommend that because there's a lot of benefits that come with that. But the first step is go to an orientation. And at that orientation, they will share what it is,

what it takes to be a foster parent. What is the requirements? They'll give you the initial paperwork to initiate a background check. And if that's something you want to pursue, once the background check comes back and you're not a felon or you're approved, you're your profile is one that have any, any issues or whatever. And that the state feels comfortable,

that you can provide good care for the children. Then you you'll have someone reach out to you and call and schedule your training for us. It was a 10 week training, three hours a week, but that may vary state to state. Yeah. Our business partners out there. And she says, you know, having role models is so important, but,

and Kristy Cato wants to know, can you be single and be a foster parent? Yes, absolutely. The only requirement is that you have some love to give and you're willing to, to share that love with the foster children. And if you can pass a background check and you can stability provide for the children, then jump on board because these children need good quality parents single or,

or not the, even, even a single parent who can give them structure is a lot more than they've currently had. So yes, absolutely. You can be a single parent in foster care. You can be a working single parent and still foster. They have some resources for daycare, assistance, groups for working parents and stuff like that. So if you have love in your heart to give,

and you have space in your home to, to share with children, then absolutely explore it. These children need more, more love, more stability, more support. So come on board. Yeah. And I'm sure right now, after, you know, everything we've been going through for over a year and a half now with COVID, it's, it's gotta be super stressful for them because you know,

not having you you're told to stay home, but if you don't have one, you know, how safe are they being? How many people are looking out for them? I mean that we could spend an hour. You and I, you and I, and Jo Jo have talked about, we're going to do some specials on adoption and foster care and all of that.

We're going to start working on that because I think it's a, a window we have to talk about as, especially as somebody who was blessed enough to have somebody there for me, I can't imagine going through a pandemic as a foster child, without a strong foundation, you know, to come home to, that's gotta be terrible. Yeah. It's tough for sure.

Like two, two of my five children were off and on the street there, their parents, their mother was using drugs and was homeless. And in our community the heat is so extreme right now consistently a 110-115 degrees. And so that's quite intense to be on, on the streets without a stable homeless environment. And when you, when you're exhausted,

when you're dehydrated, it's very challenging to perform. And so these children are, are struggling. Those that are bouncing from one to home, relative placements or on the street or evictions or things like that. It's quite intense. Yeah. I know. I mean, it's rough for an adult. A lot of veterans are out there, you know, homeless and they've survived the jungle,

you know, and it's rough for an adult to be here in Las Vegas, in Southern Nevada at 115 degrees trying to survive, you know, right here in America is just, it's amazing. You know, before we run out of time, I definitely want to touch on the fact that as an entrepreneur, you know, days run, months, months run into years.

You're just working on your dream, working on your dream and you know, the kids are going, can we go play? Can we go to a movie? Can we hang out? Can we sit? And you're going tomorrow, this weekend next, what do you say to that? You know, how quickly can you do that before he cuts you off Be,

Be, Be, available? That's what I would say for me. I have my bed. My office is in my bedroom. And so my, when my door's open, my kids can come in and chat and if I need to stop, I will stop. But if my door is closed, that means I'm on an important call or a podcast or something it's closed now.

So they're not knocking and things like that. So my biggest thing is be available. Put your family on the calendar first, make sure that you communicate when the long days are in the business. When the launches are, when the stressful times are and make sure your family knows when their time is for me. My family time is I don't do any work after six o'clock until the kids go to bed.

So from mostly five to eight is family time for me every single day. And that's where I'm available. If my kids need me, I'll make adjustments before that. Really Allen Really? I believe the web address is, RFamilyStrong the letter, Thanks Cory for coming and hanging out with me for a few minutes on the 9@9, you guys know Allen is rude and I have to yell over the credits almost every show,

but I appreciate you watching. I hope you come back next time and as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to ya next time. Bye bye.