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Ep 3: Pernille Hughes on Motherhood and Writing 'Funny Kissing Books'
Episode 330th June 2023 • The Creative Switch • Nikki Vallance
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Would you like to be a writer or an author? What style of writing would you like to do? Pernille Hughes shares her creative journey and explains how keeping an open mind about writing styles can allow your creativity to evolve and grow with you.


Guest bio


Pernille Hughes 


I write funny kissing books, with modern, capable women who have lost their way or can’t catch a break. I believe love and laughter go hand in hand, so that’s what I write.” 


Pernille Hughes is a RomCom author and mum, published by HarperCollins. Before moving to writing full-time, Pernille (pronounced Pernilla) studied Film & Literature at university. After graduating she went into Advertising, then to marketing Natural History films before working in Children’s television, which meant living in actual Teletubbyland for a while. From 2011–2015, she regularly contributed to The Sunday Times column ‘Confessions of a Tourist’. She's had three novels published - Ten Years, Probably the Best Kiss in the World and Punch-Drunk Love (previously Sweatpants At Tiffanie's). 


Pernille lives in Buckinghamshire, with her husband and four kids, scoffing cake and writing stories to maintain a shred of sanity.  


·       [00:53] - The Edge. Nikki shares creative news stories and explores how creativity is showing up in the world.

·       [03:29] – Pernille describes the many writing experiences that ultimately led her to become a successful RomCom author.

·       [08:33] – Becoming a switcher can be the result of a life change which allows you to see what you need and what you want to do.

·       [11.54] – Nikki asks Pernille to define ‘creativity’

·       [17.28] – The idea of allowing the creative career to be plan A, and the sensible career to be plan B.

·       [28.06] – Doubting Doris. This week, guest Pernille Hughes shares her story with Nikki.

Creative Nuggets

·       ‘I write happy kissing books because those are the kind of books that make me happy and that's what I do.’ Do what makes you happy!

·       Trying a large variety of writing styles can allow you to learn more about your voice and tone – the things that are unique to you.  

·       Author and writer - one is an actual role, a job, and one is a lovely creative joy. And you can be both or either.

·       ‘You have a responsibility to your own self and brain to keep it stimulated in a way that can bring you some contentment’




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The Edge:  

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