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Trailer8th April 2020 • The New Colossus Audio Drama • Artist Soapbox
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The New Colossus is an unhinged dark comedy reboot of Anton Chekhov’s classic play, THE SEAGULL. 

CONTENT WARNING: The New Colossus Audio drama is rated R for content.

Episodes contain: explicit language, lust and sexual situations, gunfire, death, dysfunctional conversations, illness, bad theatre, anti-patriotism, drinking, and arm-wrestling.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

We hope you enjoy….The New Colossus.


This is a production of Artist Soapbox and Soapbox Audio Collective with support from the Manbites Dog Theater Fund, the patrons of Artist Soapbox, the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Timothy McMackin, and Trailblazer Studios. 


The New Colossus was written, directed, and produced by Tamara Kissane. This audio drama was adapted from Tamara’s 2016 stage play produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern and inspired by Anton Chekhov’s play, THE SEAGULL written in 1895. 

Big thanks to the incredible team who made this audio production possible:

Executive Producer: Aurelia Belfield

Sound design and editing by Sam Elia

Original Music by Edith Snow and Skylar Gudasz

The audio was recorded at Trailblazer Studios by Cameron Fitzpatrick, our audio engineer, and production manager Kyma Lassiter with additional support from production assistants Barbette Hunter and Kaley Morrison. Additional recording support by James Phillips.

This audio drama features the acting talents of Ron Lee McGill as Konrad, Carly P. Jones as Nina, Edith Snow as Irina, John Jimerson as Trig, Skylar Gudasz as Masha, Ryan Ladue as Meddie, Susannah Hough as Paulina and Michael Foley as Sorin. Kyma Lassiter was the anonymous interviewee on the street. Graphic design by Kaley Morrison.


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