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"Welcome the Nerves" featuring Phil Snedecor
21st March 2022 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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-Opening remarks from James Newcomb...00:47

-How to channel nervous energy into positive results...03:10

-Intro to Phil Snedecor...08:20

-How Phil deals with "stage fright"...10:50

-Phil's "worst performance moment"....13:25

-Fooling yourself into playing better than you're capable of...16:15

-How to prepare for the big performance...20:05

-Phil on the hot seat...23:03

  • 5 minutes before the gig
  • Best performance related advice
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Non-musical activity that leads to success as a musician
  • The Dream Gig

Resources mentioned:

-Trumpet Dynamics episode with David Dash

Mentioned in this episode:

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