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Replacement (Kol Nidre Service)
Episode 8315th September 2021 • Congregation Beth Hallel and Rabbi Kevin Solomon • Congregation Beth Hallel
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What does ‘Kippur’ mean? What does it have to do with the way you live your life? Join Rabbi Kevin Solomon on Kol Nidre as he demonstrates the powerful connection between the Yom Kippur sacrifices described in the Torah and Yeshua’s sacrifice. The reality of Yeshua’s sacrifice not only brings us atonement of sin but should have a continual influence on how we live our lives in holiness. You cannot miss this message.

Lev. 17.11; Lev. 16.15-22; Matt. 20.28; 1 Tim. 2.4; 1 Pet. 1; Heb. 9.11; Is. 53.4-12; Heb. 10.26-27; Rom. 6:1-4; Rom. 8

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