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Using Dungeons and Dragons to Calm the Chaos
Episode 1510th April 2023 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Dungeons and Dragons – Mental Health Lessons from Playing Online

In this episode, I have edited our livestream done on 3/31/23 to reflect some Mental Health Lessons we learned from playing Dungeons and Dragons online.

In this livestream, we will demonstrate how to handle chaos in a Dungeons and Dragons World! Here are our characters:

Tim - Dungeon Master

Tracy - Anka, a Tiefling

Katie - Edgar, a Sorcerer

Mark - Father Hands, a Cleric

Scott - Owen, a Wizard

Scott and Tracy - Thokk - A Half Ork Fighter

Here are the Mental Health Lessons we learned from Playing Dungeons and Dragons online together

1. Meeting new friends and congregating with old friends

2. Noticing, sensing and listening

3. Assessing obstacles that get in the way of our goals

4. Brainstorming with your friends

5. Be Creative

6. Come up with a plan

7. Not all plans work

8. Have courage

9. Persist

10. There is always another solution

11. Deal with Interruptions

12. Know when to stop, pause and think it over

Thank you to all of my faithful subscribers…old, and new. We appreciate you!

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