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38. DUTCH, HTMA, and GI MAP: The Tests You Can Do to Optimize Your Fertility | with Amanda Montalvo
Episode 3829th June 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Amanda Montalvo is a women’s health dietician and THE hormone queen. She knows so much about the body and how to get to the root of women’s hormone imbalances, and he’s helped me get in touch with what’s going on with my hormones and my fertility by helping me get some tests done, including the GI-MAP and hair mineral test. We go into detail about all the different types of testing you can do and how to interpret what they mean. I really wanted to share this to dive deeper into my healing journey and my story to expand on what we discussed a few weeks back, and to offer some clarity on when you may want to do some testing yourself if you’re trying to get to the root of your own hormone imbalances.

We Chat About:

  • Why the GI-MAP, hair tissue mineral analysis, and DUTCH tests are the three primary tests
  • What you should do when your hormone levels are low
  • The correlation between immune system and getting sick often
  • My test results
  • Deciding whether you have a gluten sensitivity
  • How to read the mineral tests
  • Understanding your mineral balances
  • What we should be supplementing
  • How long it takes to boost your minerals


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