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Surviving Cancer, Divorce & Parenthood All at the Same Time
Episode 14th February 2022 • In My Shoes Stories from Women of Color • Karin Davis-Thompson
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When Zykeisha Destin began to experience back pain, stomach aches and low iron, she began a year long journey of doctor's visits, blood transfusions and medical professionals who could only guess at the cause as one test after another failed to reveal the cause.

And then one day the answer - colon cancer. It was something no doctor thought to test for since she was in her early thirties and had already given birth to two children. Now with Stage 4 colon cancer, she was fighting for her life, determined to be there to raise her two little ones, even as her marriage began to fall a part.

This is a story of one Black woman's struggle, perseverance and determination even against the odds.

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